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YourGuide toLosAngelesTheatre

Welcome to LA Theatre Guides! 

My goal is to help you find theatres in your neighborhood and shows you'll love. 

I am not a theatre critic! It's not about if we liked the show, it's about helping you find that theatre company or artist you'll love. We connect with theatre companies and artists through our guides, play lists, and more!

Your Guide

Hi! I'm Michaela, and I've been in LA Theatre for 10 years now, and created a database of 190 (and counting) theatre companies in Greater Los Angeles (with some OC, IE, and Ventura sprinkled in there). 

A lot of people tell me "I would love to see a show but I don't know where to look." well... look here! As you navigate this site I hope you can find theatres in your neighborhood, maybe a restaurant or bar, and maybe even see some art that makes you think. 


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I am currently looking for volunteers to help with theatre guides! If you love writing about theatre and want to help connect audiences to artists, let me know! 

If you have a show you would like us to check out, submit it below! Please give at least 10 days notice. 

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